Infinite Campus


  • The BUZZ platform is where we will do the majority of your classroom experince.

    The best way to get to buzz is by going through Infinite Campus. Go to Links, Choose BUZZ.

    If you are signed into your gse account, it should automatically sign you in

    It can be found at the following address:

    This is where you will find the following:

    1. your assignments
    2. recorded instructional videos 
    3. announcements posted periodically
    4. your graded assignments with feedback 


    an istructional email was sent telling parents and students how to log in. 


  •  Google will be the platform that we use to communicate 

    Your google acount is where you will find:

    1. email from your teacher
    2. Live meeting with teacher via Google Meets
    3. invites to live Google Meets
    4. Google Docs to edit assignment documents
    5. Google Drive to store and organize


    You have a student google account. 

    Sign in instruction have been sent out. 


Infinite Campus