• About Chief Hill

    Chief Hill
    "It's never too late for students
    to take advantage of second chances
    to acquire a quality education."
    -- Chief Hill

    Following a well-decorated career in the U.S. Air Force, which spanned 28 years, with assignments to the Republic of Vietnam, Tapei, Taiwan, Upper Heyford, England, Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Panama, Chief embarked on a second career with Chandler Unified School District.

    In 1990 Chief was hired as an Air Force Junior ROTC instructor at Chandler High.  At that time the program was struggling and on probation status with dwindling enrollment. In this capacity, Chief implemented many initiatives that instilled a sense of pride and leadership awareness in cadets. 

    In 1997 Chief was named assistant principal at Andersen Junior High.  Chief oversaw athletics and discipline and created a legacy  for reaching out to students who were at risk of failing.  Chief developed a rapport with students because they knew that he genuinely cared for them and would do almost anything to assure they succeeded.  Chief was great for morale because everyone loved him, even students that he disciplined.  The Chandler Chamber of Commerce paid tribute to Chief’s distinguished career by naming him the 2007 Administrator of the Year.

    We are very pleased to have the opportunity to honor Chief Hill’s work within our school.  It is our goal to ensure all students have the opportunities  to find success.