• Syllabus honors algebra 1

    Honors Algebra 1 Syllabus 2020-2021


    Teacher Mr. Olivas   Email:olivas.abran@cusd80.com               Phone:                  (480) 224-3993


    Mr. Olivas’ Website:  https://www.cusd80.com/Domain/8673


    Supplies:             Coming to class prepared is essential.  These are the things you will need EVERY DAY:


    • We are not allowed to share supplies this year.
    • Pencils All work is done in PENCIL
    • Calculator (TI 30XIIS or TI-83or84 graphing recommended)
    • Graph paper Not lined paper. 
    • Grading pen/pencil




    This is especially important this year as we will not have any shared classroom supplies available due to COVID-19.



    Classroom Expectations


    Be Respectful

    • Follow all School Policies
    • Everyone has the right to learndo not interfere with this right by distractions such as side-bar talking, phones, music devices, purses, cameras, food, etc.

    Be Responsible 

    • Be on time & in your seat when bell rings
    • Bring ALL materials to class
    • If absent, the student is responsible to find missing work, borrow notes from a student, schedule make-up tests/quizzes.


    Be Ready

    • Have warm-up sheet and homework out
    • Write down the agenda on the board
    • Be ready to participate when called on
    • Work the entire class period and to the best of your ability
    • Be ready to learn – take good notes, follow directions, ask questions!




    Tardies:                Students must be in their seats when the tardy bell rings or they will be considered tardy.  Students will be assigned lunch detention for repeated tardies.



    • Grades will be updated and managed through Infinite Campus.  You should check online for current grade information. 
    • Quarter grade calculation: 
      • 60% - Summative Assessments (chapter tests, end of quarter exams)
      • 30% - Formative Assessments (review quizzes)
      • 10% - Classwork (Warm-ups, Projects, etc.)
    •  Semester grade calculation:
      • 40% - Quarter 1 (Quarter 3 2nd semester) grade
      • 40% - Quarter 2 (Quarter 4 2nd semester) grade
      • 20% - Semester exam score 


    • Homework should be expected nightly. Homework is an expectation and is due at the beginning of each class.  Students will not earn points for completing homework. Homework completion will help you prepare for tests and quizzes and should be prioritized.
    • Tests: Tests are given at the end of each unit. Students will be given a study guide before each test that will be completed as homework. Tests are designed to last the entire 57-minute period. Unless pre-arranged, and for acceptable reasoning, no extra time will be allowed
    • Review quizzes: In between chapter tests, students will be given periodic review quizzes. The material on a review quiz will be taken from class instruction, notes and homework.
    • Warm-ups:          Students will be given warm-ups most days.  These warm-ups are designed to continually review previously learned material. Students should work efficiently as a limited amount of time will be given. A grade will be given each class meeting.
    • Re-takes (In-Person instruction only):  A student may re-take one Review Quiz prior to the mid-quarter or end of quarter (one per ½ quarter).  The higher of the 2 grades will be posted.  Students must get additional tutoring/help with the concepts, parent approval (for the retake) as they are taken during power hour after school.  No summative assessments (tests) may be retaken.
    • The following grade scale will be used:    A = 90-100%; B = 80-89%; C = 70-79%; D =60-69%; F = 0-59%
    • Rounding grades: Grades are not rounded automatically in Infinite Campus. Rounding your grade at the end of the quarter/semester is based on your effort. Some behaviors that are considered: regular attendance; retaking quizzes when possible; completing all homework thoroughly; coming in for additional help (or online); and positive classroom attitude and behavior.



    Cheating:  Cheating means, but is not limited to:  copying homework, warm ups, tests and quizzes, or using electronic devices during tests and quizzes. These behaviors are unacceptable.  Please do NOT do it.  You will receive a conduct referral and also receive a zero for any assignment for which you are caught.  Students will be monitored to ensure this is not happening while taking tests and quizzes. 

    Cheating must also be avoided while working on-line. Please do not share answers or questions from tests or quizzes. If you need help, you should reach out in advance if the assessment, not during.


    Electronics: Cell phones should not be accessible during class time.  Please turn off cell phones and keep them in your backpack.  Any electronic devices that are seen or heard will be confiscated and taken to the front office. Parents must then come to school to collect the confiscated phone.

    Students may follow Bring Your Own Technology guidelines for other devices. If used inappropriately, the student will lose this privilege.


    Extra Help: While In-Person instruction is taking place: Please ask questions during class when you don’t understand something.  You are responsible to come in for homework help.  I don’t offer individual tutoring, but am available most days before school to answer homework questions. Actual available days will be posted in my classroom and given in my email blast weekly.


    While On-line instruction is taking place, I will be available at the end of each school day for online help. I’ll also have question time, through Google Meets, at least once each class period. Please reach out to me…I’m here to help!


    Most of this information applies to In-Person instruction. More details will be forthcoming concerning On-line instruction standards and schedules.




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