• Q 4 Week 7 May 3 - 7

    Students have a summative on Tuesday about angles and triangles.  They will be starting surface area and volume on Tuesday.  There will not be summative for surface area and volume but there will be a formative.  It will be the week of May 17th. Students will need chapter 8 starting on Thursday.

    Students will receive their final study guide in class this Thursday.  They will get a little bit of class time to work on it.  I will post answers to sections throughout the next two weeks in Google Classroom.

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  • Q 4 Week 6 April 26 - 30

    Happy May 1st!  It is hard to believe we are in May of a school year that has been like no other.  I appreciate all the students and families who have hung in this year with all the changes.

    We are finishing up the last two chapters before we start preparing for the semester final.  Students are learning about angles and triangles.  They have a vocabulary summative on Wednesday.  They will be getting a study guide on chapter 7 on Friday.  The answers to the study guide will be posted in Google Classroom next Friday afternoon. They will have a summative on Tuesday, May 11 over angles and triangles.  After angles and triangles, students will be learning about surface area and volume.  It will be a short unit, so there will only be a formative.  

    If your student is absent from class, please have him/her go into Google Classroom to get the assignment and notes.


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  • Q 4 Week 5 April 19 - 23

    Students finished chapter 10 statistics this past week.  There is a summative on Tuesday, April 27.  Students worked on a study guide Friday.  The answers as well as the work will be posted in Google Classroom Monday afternoon.  Students will have some time before the summative on Tuesday to clarify questions.

    Students will be starting geometry this upcoming week.  They will be doing sections of chapter 7 and chapter 8 to finish out the school year.

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  • Q 4 Week 4 April 12 - 16

    Students are continuing with statistics.  They had a vocabulary summative last week.  There is a formative on Monday over pages IN 41 through 47.  They will continue to look at various ways to display data and how to read it.  There is a summative that will be happening the last week of April.

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  • Q 4 Week 3 April 5 - 9

    I hope everyone is having a great relaxing weekend.  Just a reminder - If your student is absent from math class, I will put the lesson in Google Classroom by the end of the day the student misses school.  I try to get the lessons updated for students, so they do not feel behind when returning to class.

    Students started chapter 10: Statistics this past week.  They created vocabulary cards to study for the upcoming summative on Thursday, April 15.  

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  • Q 4 Week 2 March 29 - April 1

    Students finished reviewing for AZ M2 (formerly known as AZ Merit)

    This upcoming week, students will be taking AZ M2.  They will be taking them in their second period class.  

    Students need to bring a book or something quietly to work on when finished testing.  They cannot have any electronics out or school work.

    Students will be starting the chapter on statistics this upcoming week.

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  • Q 4 Week 1 March 23 - 26

    Students are hard at work reviewing concepts for their grade level in preparation for AZM2 (formerly known as AZ Merit).  

    Thank you to the families who purchased items for the class.  With your generous donations, we are able to make sure students have the supplies needed to finish out the school year.


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  • Q 4 Start

    Students are going to be reviewing for AZ M2 (formerly known as AZ Merit) for the next two weeks.  They will be working on standards appropriate to their grade level. 

    Students will be taking a probability summative on Thursday, March. 25.  


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  • Q3 Week 10 March 8 - 12

    Happy Spring Break!  I hope you and your family have a great week off of school enjoying some relaxation time.  Students will finish their probability unit after spring break with a summative on Thursday, March 25.  

    Students will return on Tuesday, March 23 with an even day schedule.

    Check out my wish list on Amazon for classroom items for fourth quarter:



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  • Q 3 Week 9 March 1 - 5

    This past week students finished chapter 6 with a summative and started probability.  They are learning about theoretical and experimental probability and how it find it in different scenarios.

    They are preparing for an upcoming vocabulary assessment this week.


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