• Q 3 Week 8 Feb. 22 - 26

    Students are finishing up CPM chapter 3 this week with a summative.  They are also finishing the warm ups for February.  There is a warm up summative this week.

    Students will be starting Chapter 4 of CPM that is putting together everything they learned in chapters 2 and 3.

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  • Q 3 Week 6 Feb. 8 - 12

    Hope everyone is having an enjoyable three day weekend. 

    This past week students were continuing with chapter 3 in CPM.  They had a formative over the first five lessons.  Students seem to be getting a good understanding of the concepts and are able to dig deeper in the learning. There is an upcoming formative. Check with your student to find the actual date.  

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  • Q 3: Week 5 Feb. 1 - 5

    This week students received their CPM chapter 2 summative back.  They had the opportunity to go over the answers and see where their mistakes were and see what they did correct.  

    They are continuing in CPM with chapter 3 looking at patterns and how it relates to slope intercept form.  There is a formative next week on lessons 3.1.1 to 3.1.5.  

    Students received a new warm up packet to review concepts they would have learned in Math 7 or the beginning of Pre-Algebra.


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  • Q 3: Week 4 Jan. 25 - 29

    I hope everyone had a safe and healthy weekend.


    This past week students finished chapter 2 of CPM and took a summative.  They will receive the summative back this week to review.  Students are continuing with CPM chapter 3.  They will be looking at graphs and equations while continuing to reinforce what was taught in chapter 2.


    Students have early release day on Tuesday, Feb. 2. 

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  • Q 3: Week 3 Jan. 18 - 22

    This past week students continued working in CPM and had a formative.  Students are looking at expressions and equations in a new way while using Algebra tiles.  

    This next week students have a summative on CPM chapter 2.  Students also have an upcoming summative on the warm ups.  

    Students will continue with CPM chapter 3 the upcoming week.

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  • Q 3: Week 2 Jan. 11 - 15


    Students are continuing to learn through the series called CPM.  CPM states for College Placement Math.  This math series was created for students to look beyond just an mathematical sentence.  They have a formative this week on lessons 2.1.1 - 2.1.5.  It is closed notes.  There is a summative for chapter 2 the week of Jan. 25th.  You can look at your child's agenda to see what is upcoming. There is also a calendar in Google Classroom for the month of January.

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  • Pre- Algebra Syllabus

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  • Q3: Week 1 Jan. 6 - 8

    This past week has been a whirlwind as you all know.  Students are trying to navigate Google Classroom full time and be on live Google Meets for two hours at a time.


    There are virtual expectations that are required for this semester that are similar to what I would require if students were in person.  I am asking students to have their cameras on during class and interact with the lessons as much as possible.  There will not be any recorded lessons unless I am not able to live for any reason.  I have asked students to go over the virtual expectations with a parent and have the parent send me an email (nassar.jana@cusd80.com) letting me know they were reviewed together.  The email is due by Sunday evening. If the student cannot have their camera on, please send me an email letting me know (the email must come from a parent).


    Students received a warm up packet that has due dates for different pages.  There is a warm up summative at the end of January.  Students are asked to show work on a separate piece of paper.  We will grade the warm up pages as they are due.  The first one is due the first class meeting this upcoming week.


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  • Q 3 Welcome Back

    Please have your child go into their Google Classroom for bell schedule while we are virtual.


    Periods 2, 4, and 6 on Wednesday

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  • Welcome to Semester 2

    Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a safe and healthy break.  

    Ready to start second semester?!?

    Students can go into the math section of their binder and recycle all the papers from first semester.  Please leave the tabs in the binder. 

    Students will need a new spiral for second semester even if there is room from their first semester spiral.  The reason we start a new spiral is because all information taught second semester will be on the semester final.  Students can put their first semester spiral in a safe place for reference. 

    If your child does not have a calculator, now would be a great time to purchase one.  I recommend a TI30. Graphing calculators are not allowed until students take Algebra.  

    Enjoy your weekend.  I will see you Tuesday.

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