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    Posted by Andrea Manzuk on 8/1/2020

    Hi Everyone!

    I understand we are all under tremendous amounts of pressure and full of questions about how virtual learning and in person instruction will look. This is why we must start our communication now! I am committed in providing clear, transparent information on what we need to do to be successful. The first day of high school is momumental, so let's not lose our enthusiasm for this special day!


    What should you do before Aug 5th? 


    For students:

    1. Start adjusting your sleeping schedule now. If you are staying up until 1am and 2am snapping at your friends, stop now! You need to get your body back on a healthy sleeping schedule. 
    2. Make sure to install Infinite Campus on your devices (phone/tablet/computer). Infinite Campus is where you will locate your class schedule, grades, messages. If you cannot log in, then please change your password. 
    3. On Tuesday (August 4th), log into Google Classroom to assure you see all classes listed on your schedule are on your Google Classroom homepage. 
    4. WRITE DOWN ALL ACCOUNT PASSWORDS. Please! It is imperative you can log into your accounts. 
    5. Read the syllabus; however, we will go over my expectations and class policies during the first week. 
    6. Get excited! We are going to have fun! This quarter might be starting virtually, but it is not like what happened at the end of last school year. Grades count! Attendance is required! We need to be ready to go on August 5th
    7. Look at the Bell Schedule on my faculty page. You will start on August 5th following Block Day 1 Odd Schedule (Periods 1, 3, 5, and 7). On August 6th you follow Block Day 2 Even Schedule (Periods 2, 4, 6, and 7).


    For Parents:

    1. Install Infinite Campus on your devices. Infinite Campus is how I will communicate with you. Please make sure the email address you look at is the one on your parent account. This website is public, so I cannot always post important class information here for privacy reasons. 
    2. If you are new to CUSD this year, then you might need to create your parent portal. Please click on this link to access Infinite Campus information and/or create your Parent Portal - Infinite Campus
    3. Your student will use Google Classroom to access their classes. If you would like Google Classroom access to see if your student is completing work, then I can invite you to join. Not all parents want this access because it is just one more email. For parents with multiple students it can be overwhelming to receive so many updates. Keep in mind all official grade information and communication will come through Infinite Campus. Google Classroom access is simply another way you can help your student stay on track. If you would like access, then complete the form posted below. 
    4. Reach out if you have questions or concerns. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! I promise to help you and your student be successful. 


    For Everyone:

    1. Be Positive
    2. Be Flexible
    3. Be Patient


    We are embarking on this journey together. We should expect some hiccups the first few days. I assure you I will be flexible and understanding as we experience virtual learning together. 



    Ms. Manzuk



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