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Position: Science 8
Room: 35
Phone: (480) 883-5365
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In spite of these uncertain times, I believe we have an amazing opportunity to contribute to CHANGE. Now more than ever, our students, YOU, are preparing to make a better world for ALL. Everyday, remind yourself that the education that you are receiving here at Andersen Jr High will help you to prepare for that huge responsibility. And if you start to feel frightened or overwhelmed and your're not sure what happens next, just know that your teachers and administration are here for you.

My Education and Professional Background

I earned my BS degree and Teaching Certificate from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. I taught Middle School for six years and then High School for six years in Colorado

My Educational Philosophy

We all encounter obstacles in every aspect of our lives. This applies for every human being on the planet. You may have bigger obstacles than the person sitting next to you, but never, ever allow yourself to use that as an excuse to fall short of achieving your goals. It just means you will work harder to get there. You'll find creative ways to overcome. You'll reach out for help when you need it and you'll be your own coach and cheer team. You can and WILL get there.

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