• Hello everyone!

    Are you ready to embark on this next stage of your educational journey?  I know we might feel anxious about what this year will look like - both virtually and in-person.  As such, you probably have questions about what you need to do for the first day of school.  Here are a few suggestions:

    For students

    1. Go to bed at a normal time NOW.  Don't wait until tomorrow.  Your friends should be in bed too! Don't look to see if their snapchat score went up. Don't go on TikTok or Instagram.  Say good night to your squad and turn off the gaming system.

    2. Make sure to install Infinite Campus on your electronic devices.  Infinite Campus is where you will locate your class schedule, grades, and messages.  If you cannot log in, then please change your password. 

    3. On Tuesday (August 4th), log into Google classroom. Check the Google classroom list against your schedule.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!

    4. Write down all passwords.  Put them in your phone and post them on your fridge.  

    5. Read the syllabus.  We will go over the material listed in the syllabus during class too.

    6. Get ready to enjoy this next step.  We will have fun.  This quarter looks a little different from last quarter.  Attendance counts.  Assignments will be graded.  You will collaborate, create, and discuss topics with your classmates - both virutally and in-person.

    7. LOOK at the bell schedule.  Login into the Google Meets (using the link in Google classroom) at the start of class.


    For parents

    1. Install Infinite Campus on your devices.  This is my primary form of communication for class messages.  Please verify the email address on file is correct.  

    2.  If you are new to CUSD this year, then you may need to create your parent portal.  Please click on the link on the main school page.

    3. Your student will use Google Classroom to access their classes.  If you would like Google Classroom access to see if your student is completing their work, please email me.  I will send you an invitation through our Google classroom.  

    4. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!  I promise to help your child to be successful in this endeavor.  


    For everyone

    1. Be positive

    2. Be flexible

    3. Be patient


    I cannot wait to see your faces and to start our year!



    Ms. Bateson