• Virtual Code of Conduct

    1. Do not share any images, recordings, or work of any other student through any forums, including social media or peer-to-peer outside the context of approved applications and tasks assigned through Google Classroom.
    2. Behave in a professional manner at all times, including during peer-to-peer communication.
    3. Use courteous language at all times.
    4. To the greatest extent possible, log onto your class when it is scheduled to begin.
    5. Do not disturb others or interrupt their learning.
    6. Do your own work.
    7. Engage with peers and teachers through the assigned electronic meetings, forums, and collaborations.
    8. Engage in virtual classes for the entirety of their scheduled times.
    9. Follow teacher directions at all times.
    10. Make appointments for “virtual office hours” as needed to ensure academic success.

    Virtual Code of Honor

    As a student and citizen of Arizona College Prep, I agree to the following statements:

    1. I will not record, livestream, or otherwise share the content of any of my courses or interactions with my peers or teachers outside of approved forums within the context of my virtual class.
    2. I will not lie, cheat or steal in any of my academic endeavors.
    3. I will oppose each and every instance of academic dishonesty.
    4. I will not request, receive or give aid in examinations/tests/quizzes.
    5. I will not give or receive unpermitted aid in class work, homework, in the preparation of reports, or in any other work that is to be used by the teacher as the basis of grading. I understand, or will seek to learn, the difference between studying or reviewing with others (which often is acceptable) and producing written documents that are submitted under my name for credit (which can only be done alone).
    6. I will not copy from or collaborate with others in completing homework. When I put my name on a homework assignment, I attest that all of the work on the assignment is my own in origin and content.
    7. In the case of all essays and research papers, I will carefully cite all external sources. I will not represent another person’s work as my own. I will do my very best to learn from my teachers the clear distinctions between appropriate research and plagiarism, intentional or unintentional.
    8. I will not use “study aids” such as Cliff’s Notes, Sparks Notes, or other materials, nor will I watch a movie/video version of a work of literature before or during the study of it in school as a substitution for reading the work. I will do the reading for myself and strive to understand it for myself;
    9. I will give prompt (and confidential) notification to the appropriate faculty member or the administration if I am aware of academic dishonesty in any course.
    10. I join the entire student body of Arizona College Prep in a commitment to this Code of Honor.

    Google Classroom Expectations

    1. Always adhere to the Code of Conduct.
    2. Always adhere to the Code of Honor in completing tasks and assessments.
    3. To the greatest extent possible, log into the appropriate Google Classroom at the scheduled time.
    4. Find a quiet space to work away from distractions.
    5. Stay logged on and engaged for the full duration of the class.
    6. Do not use apps or online sources unless directed to do so by your instructor.
    7. When in a Google Meet:
    8. Mute your microphone. Only unmute at your teacher’s instructions.
    9. Only use video according to your teacher’s instructions and class expectations.
    10. Ask questions in the Chat unless instructed to use another method by your teacher. Address the instructor in the question (e.g., “Mr. Alcala, will you clarify the theme of the poem we are discussing?).
    11. Keep comments within the Chat on topic.
    12. When responding to a peer in the Chat, begin your comment with their name (e.g., “Freddy, you make an excellent point regarding the nature of humanity.”).
    13. Refrain from eating during the Meet.
    14. Hang up at the end of the Meet.