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    The Colt Guide to Google Classroom





    The most important thing the students need to know is that their gse passwords have been reset. They will need this to log into google and accept their google classrooms, which is the portal where all their classes will occur.


    Username: sid#@gse.cusd80.com

    Password: s + ID# + !


    For example, if a student's ID number is 123456:

    Username: s123456@gse.cusd80.com

    Password: it would have been reset to s123456! (the s must be lowercase). This will be the same password for the office 365 login.

    We typically force users (including students) to change their passwords after they are reset. However, due to the unique circumstances we're facing as we start this school year, we are temporarily removing this requirement for students. Students can change their password when they log in (and we recommend they do so) and at some point, in the near future, we will force them to do so again... but they will not be forced to do so at this time.

    Please make sure before the first day of classes, your student is able to logged in and can see all his/her classes. If parents or children have any concerns, contact the school at 480.424.8100.