How to Log into Google Meets - Attendance policy may change

Steps to Log into Google Meet



    Steps to Log On

    1. Must be signed into Google Classroom.

    2. Open

    3. Use the code provided in Google Classroom.

    4. This information can be found under Classwork, and in the Google Calendar.

    5. Remember the teacher must first activate the Meet.

    6. After logging in, please turn off microphone and turn on camera.

    7. Be professional.  Be sure to abide by dress code and consider your surroundings (which will be broadcast)

    8. Please use chat feature to communicate.

    9. Don't forget to turn the microphone on when asked to speak and turn it off when finished.

    9. Make sure to leave the call so that the teacher can close the meet.

    10. The meet will be recorded and available on Google Classroom. 

    11. See instructional videos for examples.more detail.