Minimum Level of Contact Required to Maintain Enrollment

  • School "Attendance" 

    Starting the school year in a virtual instructional model will require students to be academically engaged on a daily basis.  We encourage students to participate in virtual learning during normally scheduled class time.  Regular class attendance is essential for success in school.  As required by state law, student attendance must be taken every day.  Students will be marked present if they have been academically engaged in class that day.  Academic engagement can include, but is not limited to:

    • Attempted and completed assignments
    • Participation in Google Meets live instruction
    • Documented access of pre-recorded instructional videos
    • Email, phone or other communication with the teacher constituting virtual instruction
    • Minutes logged on online learning platforms such as BUZZ, Google Classroom or other online applications


    Students will be marked absent if they have not demonstrated academic engagement for the day.  Parents/guardians will receive a phone call to notify them of the absence.  PreK-6th grade teachers will be reporting attendance by 11 a.m.  Junior high and high school teachers will be reporting attendance each period. The Chandler Online Academy registrar will be reporting attendance in grades 7-12 by 3 p.m.  In the event that a student is marked absent but did engage in class instruction after attendance was reported, the student's attendance will be adjusted the next school day and he/she will be marked present.

    Parents or guardians may call a student “out” as an excused absence by contacting the school's attendance line if they are unable to academically engage in class that day.  All normal school policies regarding make-up work and grading apply.  Reasons for excused absences may include:

    • Lack of computer access or internet connectivity
    • Illness
    • Bereavement
    • Family emergencies
    • Observance of religious holidays of the family's faith


    If your student is unable to engage in remote learning due to a lack of computer access or internet connectivity, please contact your school site to request technology assistance. 


    Tech Support Help for Students and Parents 

    Starting August 4th, Virtual Learning Help for students and parents will be available 7 am - 6 pm weekdays at the web address, email and phone below:

    Phone: (480) 812-7697