During Class Time

  • Generally, I will be available during the class period on Google Meet for any questions.  Student may simply log into the Google Meet during class.  This is actually the preferred method since I can quickly answer questions and even show them how to navigate by presenting my screen.  The only time I will be unable to answer questions is when I am monitoring small groups but I will always leave time near the end of the period for questions. 

Office Hours

  • Official office hours are after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 3pm to 3:30 pm or by appointment. 

    Please be advised to attend virtual hours, students DO NOT use their regular Google Meet link.


Video Showing how to Log into Office Hours

Join Office Hours from Classroom Page

    • Please follow these steps.

      1. Students should be log into their Google Classroom
      2. Students need to open their Google Apps which is the icon in the upper left corner.
      3. Click on the plus sign to join.
      4. The code is jimenez__________. Students can find the full password on their reference section of their Google Classroom.  

Use Link Below


    1. Be sure to be logged into your school account. 

    2. Open this Link. Google Meet Link

    3. Code = jimenez_ _ _ _ (The full code can be found in the Reference section of your Google Classroom)