Book Return
  • All library materials that are returned will be quarantined a minimum of 48 hours as per American Library Association recommendations.  

    All materials marked lost during distance learning may be returned, and the fine will be deleted. Books from other CUSD schools can be returned to the Casteel library and will be mailed interoffice to the school. If you are unable to locate overdue/lost items, the replacement cost can be paid in the Bookstore or through Infinite Campus.

    Laptops and hotspots assigned prior to the return to in-person learning should be returned to the front office. All technology needs to be returned to be re-imaged, updated and returned to the originating site.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.  

    Christine W. Diaz

    Media Specialist, Sandy Lundberg Library

    (480) 424-8110