• Instructions for setting up your Turnitin.com account:

    1. Go to turnitin.com

    If you DO NOT have an existing turnitin.com account:

    - At the top of the page click on "Create Account"

    - Create a student profile

    - Click on "Student"

    - Enter Class ID: (listed below)

    - Enter class enrollment key: English7

     - Add all the necessary registration information

    - Once the account is created, write down the important information (email and case sensitive password)


    If you DO have an existing turnitin.com account:

    - Log into your existing account

    - Delete and old classes and enroll in a class

    - Enter Class ID: (listed below)

    - Enrollment key: English7

    - Write down the important information (login email and case sensitive password)


    **A good place to write down your login email and password is in your agenda!


    Class ID:

    Period 1 - 25782377

    Period 2 - 25782384

    Period 3 - 25782356

    Period 4 - 25782395

    Period 5 - 25782365


    Enrollment Key (password): English7


     Click here to watch a video explaining how to submit an assignment to turnitin.com