• AR point goals have been set as of Mar.8th, and they are due by May 14th.  Students should be reading 30 minutes daily.


    AR will be counted as a grade in Reading this quarter.


    The AR goal has three components, which all count toward the cumulative grade:

    1. Meeting the point goal (25%)

    2. Meeting the Nonfiction goal* (25%)

    3. Maintaining an average accuracy of 90% or higher on the comprehension tests (50%)


    * The Nonfiction goal is to earn 2 points from nonfiction books. In order to count, the score must be 80% or higher. (i.e. If a student takes a test and earns a 70%, the .7 earned will not be counted toward the Nonfiction goal.)


    How to check AR goal Progress: click here


    Accessing books: School Library books can be reserved and checked out to student via teacher one at a time.  To learn how to reserve a book, follow the link below.



    Watch Mrs. Chombah show you how to reserve a a book by clicking here


    The website to reserve books:

    Library Reservation system


    Taking AR tests:Can be completed at home, using the link and user name and password below:


    Username:  s + student number         s123456

    Password:  s + student number !        s123456!


    Want to know the AR level or amount of points for a book? Use the link below:

    AR book finder


    Trouble finding a book you like?

    Try this website here!