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    10/14/20 American/Arizona History

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    Classroom expectations 

    10/16/20  Americam/Arizona History

    Chapter 7  Manifest Destiny

    EQ:  Did the accomplishments of western settlers ultimately cause more good or harm?

    Lesson 1:  The Western Pioneers

    Video:  Westward Expansion CC US

    Lesson 2:  The Hispanic Southwest


    *ACT Testing   Late start

    American/Arizona History Video:  How the West was Won 



    American/Arizona History

    Lesson 3:  Independence for Texas

    Lesson 4:  The War with Mexico



    HW#1 Due:  

    The Western Pioneers 

    American/Arizona History 

    Chapter 7 Exam

    Video:  continue How the West was Won



    American/Arizona History 

    Chapter 8:  Social Unrest

    EQ:  Was the Civil War inevitable?

    Lesson 1:  Slavery and Western Expansion

    Lesson 2:  The Crisis Deepens

    10/30/20  American/Arizona History

    Lesson 2:  finish The Crisis Deepens

    Lesson 3:  The Union Dissolves

    Video:  continue How the West was Won


    HW#2 Due:

    The Crisis Deepens

    American/Arizona History

    Chapter 8 Exam

    Video:  finish How the West was Won

    11/5/20  American/Arizona History

    Chapter 9:  The Civil War

    EQ:  Should war be conducted against both military and civilian populations?

    Lesson 1:  The Opposing Sides

    Video:  The Civil War Pt. 1 CC US

    Review for the Civics Test


    HW #3 Due:

    The Turning Point 

    American/Arizona History

    Lesson 2: The Early Stages

    Video:  The Civil War Pt. 2  CC US

    Review for the Civics Test

    11/12/20  American/Arizona History

    Lesson 3: Life During the War

    Video:  Battles of the Civil War  CC US

    Review for Civics Test

    11/16/20 American/Arizona History Civics Test