Letter from CUSD Superintendent, Dr. Camille Casteel

  • December 10, 2020

    Dear CUSD families,

    It is time.  I recently shared with the Governing Board my desire to retire at the end of this school year, June 30, 2021.  While this is one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make, after 50 years in CUSD, I feel the time is right. 

    When I began my teaching career at Erie Elementary in 1971, CUSD had 6 schools and approximately 5,000 students.  By 1996 when I became the Superintendent, we had grown to approximately 15,000 students and 17 schools.  Today we serve over 44,000 students and will be opening our 47th school.  I have been deeply honored to have served as CUSD’s leader during the 25-year period of hyper growth and to have had the opportunity to champion the development of numerous educational choices for the families we serve.  We have accomplished so much, and I will treasure so many wonderful memories.

    As many of you may know, I am an optimist.  With the pending distribution of vaccines, I see the light at the end of tunnel growing brighter.  We have a great deal to accomplish over the next several months - all while staying true to our core values and focused on our Journey 2025 Metrics.

    I look forward to beginning the recovery and then handing the reins to CUSD’s next leader.  I am confident the Governing Board will find just the right person to succeed me.