• From: Chandler Unified School District <noreply@cusd80.com>
    Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2020 9:23 AM
    To: Medlock, Penny <medlock.penny@cusd80.com>
    Subject: COVID-19 Dashboard Update, 12-3-2020

    In an effort to promote timely communication and transparency, CUSD was among the first school districts in Maricopa County to publish a COVID-19 Dashboard.  Over the last several weeks we have made modifications to the COVID-19 Dashboard to provide the data that our community and staff have requested.  The following information is now provided on the dashboard:

    • School
    • Total Employees and Student Enrollment
    • Confirmed Active Cases
    • Percentage of Active Cases
    • Resolved Cases (cases are moved to this category if the positive individual has been cleared to return to a CUSD campus)

    Recently, we’ve received questions about the accuracy of the dashboard and reliability of the data.  The data that is reported on the dashboard is accurate.  However, we realize that further clarification is necessary to ensure effective communication.  Only “confirmed active cases” are reported on the dashboard.  A “confirmed active case” is defined as meeting the following criteria before it is added to the dashboard:

    1. CUSD has a confirmed positive test from a student or staff member.  A positive test can be confirmed either by a parent or staff member providing a copy of the positive COVID-19 test result that the Registered Nurse will confirm OR confirmation from Maricopa County Department of Health Services of a positive test.  Most often our health services team receives a copy of the test directly from the parent or staff member before confirmation from the County.
    2. The person who has tested positive is confirmed to have been on a CUSD campus during their infectious period.  The infectious period is defined as starting 48 hours prior to the onset of COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result, whichever came first and through the remainder of the infection.

    In summary, if a student or staff tests positive for COVID-19 the CUSD Health Services Department will: 1) confirm the positive test; 2) identify if the person was on a CUSD campus during their infectious period; 3) if the person meets both of those criteria they will be added to the COVID-19 Dashboard.  ONLY students and staff who are “confirmed active cases” will be indicated on the CUSD COVID-19 Dashboard which is updated each school day by 10 a.m.

    We understand there has been confusion about this criteria.  It is important to note that if a student or staff who have a confirmed positive COVID-19 test but did not participate in any on-campus activities during their infectious period are currently NOT reported on the dashboard.  As stated above, the intent of the dashboard is to communicate the active confirmed cases on CUSD campuses.  In an effort to further clarify the data, however, we are currently developing a process to communicate confirmed non-campus exposure cases on the dashboard starting after the winter break.  Although these cases will not be used in determining temporary school closures, the confirmed cases that have no campus exposure will be visible to the public. 

    In regards to quarantining protocols, we are continuing to follow the Maricopa County guidelines and quarantining any student that is determined to have been in “close contact” with a staff member or student during their infectious period while on a CUSD campus or at a CUSD-sponsored event.  The CUSD Health Services department is conducting the contact tracing and is limited to only tracing incidents of “close contact” that happen on CUSD campuses. The CUSD Health Services Department is actively monitoring the CDC and Maricopa County quarantine guidelines and additional information will be forthcoming on any changes recommended to the quarantine procedures.

    Thank you in advance for your help to ensure accurate information is shared with our community.  We appreciate your continued support as we refine our COVID-19 Dashboard.