• CUSD COVID-19 Notifications

    The communication regarding positive, or potentially positive, COVID-19 tests falls within the FERPA/HIPAA guidelines and the privacy rights of students and staff must be protected. When a positive case is reported to any CUSD school, it must be reported to Maricopa County Health Department first. After Maricopa County has investigated and confirmed the positive case, the school will communicate in the following ways:


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    The school will notify every person that has been identified to have been in close contact (3 ft) with the positive individual.
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    If the positive person is a student or teacher, all students in that class will be notified with a standard CUSD COVID-19 Classroom Notification Letter.
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    After all persons who have been in close contact have been notified, and the notification letter has been sent, the case is reported on the weekly the CUSD COVID-19 Dashboard.

    Parents/Caregivers: If you have questions about an exposure notification you received from your child's school and need further clarification of the guidelines we are following for COVID-19, please see the Maricopa County Public Health Department's FAQ page. You can also speak to someone directly at the Maricopa County Public Health Department by calling the COVID-19 Parent Hotline:

      • dial 211
      • press Option 6 for COVID-19
      • press Option 3 to connect to a hotline staff member

    You also can submit your questions through the Maricopa County Public Health Department's contact form.

    Arizona Revised Statutes and Arizona Administrative Code Regarding Required Quarantine:

    ARS 36-624. Quarantine and sanitary measures to prevent contagion 

    When a county health department or public health services district is apprised that infectious or contagious disease exists within its jurisdiction, it shall immediately make an investigation. If the investigation discloses that the disease does exist, the county health department or public health services district may adopt quarantine and sanitary measures consistent with department rules and sections 36-788 and 36-789 to prevent the spread of the disease. The county health department or public health services district shall immediately notify the department of health services of the existence and nature of the disease and measures taken concerning it.

    AAC R9-6-361. Novel Coronavirus (e.g., SARS or MERS)

    A. Case control measures:

    1. A diagnosing health care provider or an administrator of a health care institution, either personally or through a representative, shall isolate and institute both airborne precautions and contact precautions for a novel coronavirus case or suspect case, including a case or suspect case of severe acute respiratory syndrome or Middle East respiratory syndrome, until evaluated and determined to be noninfectious by a physician, physician assistant, or registered nurse practitioner.

    2. A local health agency shall:

    a. Upon receiving a report under R9-6-202 of a novel coronavirus case or suspect case, notify the Department within 24 hours after receiving the report and provide to the Department the information contained in the report;

    b. In consultation with the Department, ensure that isolation and both airborne precautions and contact precautions have been instituted for a novel coronavirus case or suspect case to prevent transmission;

    c. Conduct an epidemiologic investigation of each reported novel coronavirus case or suspect case; and

    d. For each novel coronavirus case, submit to the Department, as specified in Table 2.4, the information required under R9-6-206(D).

    B. Contact control measures:

    1. A local health agency, in consultation with the Department, shall determine which novel coronavirus contacts will be quarantined or excluded, according to R9-6-303, to prevent transmission.

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