This notification is informing you that the Health Office will be conducting vision and hearing screenings in school throughout the school year beginning the first day of school. Each year students in preschool, kindergarten, first, third, fifth, those with IEP'S and those new to CUSD will have their hearing and/or vision screened.  This service does not replace a complete eye and vision evaluation by an eye doctor or a hearing evaluation by an audiologist.


    If you do not want your child tested, please notify the health office immediately. You can reach the health office at (480)883-5902 or email your request to: briggs.maureen@cusd80.com


    You will only be notified if there is any concern about your child’s results, in which case a referral to a professional will be suggested. If your child passed the screening(s), it should not replace a hearing or vision screen by a physician or eye care professional.


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  • If your child received a hearing and/or vision referral, please complete it as soon as possible and return the paperwork to the health office. 

    Thank you

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