• Spirit Days May

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 5/9/2021

    Spirit Week May 10 th - 14th

    Monday May 10th – Holiday Day (dress as your fav holiday)

    Tuesday May 11th – Teacher Twin Day (twin with a participating teacher)

    Wednesday May 12 th – Logo/Swag Day (wear your fav logos/brands)

    Thursday May 13th – Monochromatic Color Day (dress in ONE color from head to toe)

    Friday May 14th – Fancy Friday (dress to impress)

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  • Q 4: AZ M2

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 4/4/2021

    Students will be taking AZ M2 (formerly known as AZ Merit).  They will be taking them in their seocnd period class.  

    Students need to bring a book or something quitely to work on when finished testing.  They cannot have any electronics out or school work.


    Monday, April 5 AZ M2 Writing

    Shorten periods 2, 4, and 6


    Tuesday, April 6 AZ M2 Math part 1 and 2

    Shorten periods 1, 3, and 5


    Wednesday, April 7 AZ M2 ELA part 1 and 2 

    Shorten periods 2, 4, and 6


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  • Walking into Quarter 4

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 3/20/2021

    It is hard to believe fourth quarter is starting.  It has been an interesting experience this school year for students, teachers, and families.  This is one school year that will be forever remembered.

    I appreciate all the family support, flexibility, and communication through this year.  It has been a pleasure working with the students whether in class, virtually, or during Power Hour.

    Here is to Quarter 4 being a great experience.

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  • Thank you

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 2/5/2021 3:00:00 PM

    Thank you to all the families who donated to Cash for Classrooms second quarter.  I applied for a teacher grant and was awarded it two weeks ago.  Great things are coming to the students.

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  • Q 3: Week 3 Jan. 18 - 22

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 1/23/2021

    Dress Code Reminder:

    Students need to wear a belt with their uniform if there are belt loops.  Shirts need to be tucked Monday - Thursday.

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  • Q 3: Week 2 Jan. 11 - 15

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 1/16/2021

    We finished out this week with getting ready to return in person on Tuesday, Jan. 19.  Monday, January 18 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Students do not have school.

    Just a reminder as we return to the classoom next week:  Students should bring a snack since lunches are spread out between 10:10 - 12:15.  Also, students should have a water bottle with their name on it.

    Students need to have all their supplies for classes.  Math students need: their math book (or section papers), interactive notebook, pencil, grading pen, tape, glue stick, scissors, and calculator.

    Have a great three day weekend.



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  • Tech Support Help

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 1/9/2021
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  • Q 3: Week 1 Jan. 6 - 8

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 1/9/2021

    This past week has been a whirlwind as you all know.  Students are trying to navigate Google Classroom full time and be on live Google Meets for two hours at a time.


    There are virtual expectations that are required for this semester that are similar to what I would require if students were in person.  I am asking students to have their cameras on during class and interact with the lessons as much as possible.  There will not be any recorded lessons unless I am not able to live for any reason.  I have asked students to go over the virtual expectations with a parent and have the parent send me an email (nassar.jana@cusd80.com) letting me know they were reviewed together.  The email is due by Sunday evening. If the student cannot have their camera on, please send me an email letting me know (the email must come from a parent).


    Students received a warm up packet that has due dates for different pages.  There is a warm up summative at the end of January.  Students are asked to show work on a separate piece of paper.  We will grade the warm up pages as they are due.  The first one is due the first class meeting this upcoming week.


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  • Virtual Expectations

    Posted by Jana Nassar on 1/8/2021

    Virtual Expectations

    Teacher Expectations:

    1. Will log into Google Classroom at the beginning of class.

    2. Available during conferencing to answer questions.

    3. Will answer questions during live Meet as if you are in person.

    4. Will answer student emails sent to teacher CUSD account (not gse) within a 24 hour period.

    5. Math teacher will have materials available to student the night before virtually. If student needs printed copy, need to contact teacher to come to school and get.

    Parent Expectations:

    1. Have a device available for student to log into Google Meets.

    2. Find a quiet space for student to work away from distractions.

    3. Have equipment available to print documents or ability to come by school to pick up documents. Please email teacher through CUSD account if need documents ready to be picked up.

    4. Communicate nightly with student to see how virtual learning is progressing.

    5. If child does not plan on attending the Google Meet (i.e. class), you will need to call in your absence to the attendance line.

    Student Expectations:

    1. Will log into class through Google Meets at the beginning of the class period. You are required to attend the entire class period, just as if you were in person.

    2. Will participate by taking notes, grading, and going over homework. The lessons will be live. You can ask questions and share throughout the class period.

    3. If you lose your connection, make sure you re-sign in.

    4. You MUST have your camera on the entire time and microphone muted. If you have a camera problem, please have your parents notify your teacher through their CUSD email account.

    5. You are required to attend class as if you were in person. You will be more successful if you approach online learning with the same attitude that you bring to class every day.

    6. If you do not plan on attending the Google Meet (i.e. class), your parents will need to call in your absence to the attendance line.

    7. Do not share any images, recordings, or work of any other student through any forums, including social media or peer-to-peer outside the context of approved applications and tasks assigned through Google Classroom.

    8. Use live Meet with ACPO expectations

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