WELCOME to 6th Grade Science!


    Meet Mrs. Moss --> https://www.loom.com/share/ecdf2ee6cb414d3f86417c63a8c532a3

    Course Syllabus --> HERE


    Required Supplies Explained

    Please view the follow video for additional information regarding the supplies needed for my class (for home and in classroom use). 

    Mrs. Moss - Class Supplies Explained


    What makes 6th grade science accelerated at ACP-O?

    We will cover the same 6th grade science standards as all students in Arizona; however, we go much deeper into all concepts. I also make sure to add in many additional supports for content that will be taught in 7th grade at ACP-O. 7th grade science at ACP-O covers all the 7th AND 8th grade Arizona state standards. 8th grade covers the 9th grade state standards.


    How often should we be checking our student's grades?

    I encourage you to have your student be logging in and checking their infinite campus for grades (with you), at least once a week. There is also an Infinite Campus app that can help make this step of checking grades easier. Student participation in monitoring and checking grades and posted assignments makes a BIG difference in them taking personal ownership of their achievements and goal setting.


    Do we have a textbook for 6th grade science?

    No, we don’t have a dedicated textbook for my class. We will be using many different resources for science class this year which I feel is very beneficial for young students. Not having one dedicated textbook also helps them to break some of the habits I tend to see in most students. Often I see kids who are far too dependent on the format of an elementary textbook, which encourages students to have a more “memorize all the bolded word definitions” approach verses a critical thinking approach towards science content. I also believe that ACP-O students should be exposed to higher level texts (with support) to be better prepared for accelerated 7th grade science at ACP-O. We do have a set of science textbooks on campus that we will periodically use, but only certain limited sections. When we do use it, an online copy will be provided for use at home. Students will not bring home a textbook.

Last Modified on January 13, 2021