• Voucher Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines 

    A voucher code is being provided to students participating in State-sponsored testing who have not selected at least one college for automated score reporting. Students who entered at least one college for score reporting are not eligible for a voucher. The code will be printed on page 1 of the student’s paper score report and is redeemable for the one-time purchase of up to four additional score reports at no cost. Additional college choices may be included for a fee. All voucher codes will expire, so students should be encouraged to use the code within two weeks of receiving their paper score report. 

    Student Use of Voucher in MyACT 

    Students meeting the voucher eligibility requirements above must wait until they receive their paper score report to obtain their voucher code and use it in MyACT. For the March 2 test window, students will begin receiving their printed score reports as early as three weeks after the receipt of test responses. Score reports are shipped up to two weeks later for students who took the writing test. 
    Students who created a MyACT account prior to their test being scored will receive an email from myact@act.org when their scores are posted to their account. They should wait for their paper score report and then follow the instructions outlined on it to redeem their voucher within MyACT.  
    Students who have not yet created a MyACT account will need their paper score report containing their ACT ID to create their account. Once they receive their paper score report by mail, these students should go to MyACT.org and follow the prompts. For an outline of these steps, refer to the MyACT Quick Start Guide, page 4.  
    If students need assistance related to their paper score reports, finding their scores online, or creating or accessing their MyACT account, please direct them to the Contact Us link on MyACT.org.