About Sexton...
Position: CASE K-3 Special Education
Room: 10
Phone: 480-812-6240
Email: Sexton

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Welcome to room 10! I look forward to learning with you. Our class motto is "In this class we stick together." Throughout the year we will support and encourage one another as embark on our education journey. Communication is key to success. Families will be invited and encouraged to use Class Dojo. I will also be available by phone or email. Thank you families for your support! You play a vital role in your students' education.

My Education and Professional Background

I am a recent graduate from Grand Canyon University. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education. Prior to this year I spent 8 years working as support in a specialized classroom and was a long-term substitute for general education and special education.

My Educational Philosophy

My teaching philosophy aligns with Vyotski's Zones of Proximal Development. Students are at varying levels of progress and achievement throughout their academic careers. It is my job to teach and guide them while fostering their independence in and out of the classroom. The skills taught will allow them to continue to grow as they progress through each grade level and can be utilized outside of the classroom as well.

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