• Class Overview 2021-2022 School Year


    Behavior Management Plan

    Our behavior plan will incorporate individual accountability along with team accountability.  Each student will have their own clip up and clip down chart to monitor their behavior choices throughout the day.  Additionally, two students' names will be placed in a folder each morning.  If those students end their day at Ready to Learn or above, they will earn 10 points for the class.  When the class reaches 100 points, they will pick from a team award.  Additionally, students will have punch cards.  Everytime they are above Ready to Learn on their chart, they will receive a punch.  A full punch card will earn them 5 dollars that they will be able to apply towards purchasing store items on select Fridays.  This plan will be tweaked as needed.  Certain students may need additional support and or incentives that will be provided to them!


    Hall Passes

    One way I support students is by letting them take a lap in the hallway.  It takes 2 to 3 minutes.  We just call it a "Hall Pass."  Students will be able to self-advocate when they feel if they take a step away, they will be more productive when they return.  I'll also suggest for students to take a lap when the need is there.


    Tribes Agreements

    Our class along with the other 4th grade classes will be learning the 4 Tribes Agreements.  Really, all expected behaviors fall under one of these agreements.

     1. Attentive Listening

     2. Show Appreciation/No Put Downs

     3. Right to Pass/Right to Participate

     4. Mutual Respect


    Homework/Book Report/Poem Recitations/Study Hall

    Students will have homework almost nightly.  Spelling words will be assigned on Monday and tests will be Friday.  Students will complete spelling pages in their Reader's Notebooks on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!  Students will have math homework on days that a lesson was completed.  They will not have math homework on testing days.  Students will also be completing Reading/Comprehension practice in a Journey's Benchmark Book.  Pages will be assigned on Monday and due on Thursday.  Adiitionally, students will be able to sign into Think Central during the week to access their week's story if they need additional exposure.

    Students will be placing their nightly homework assignments into their binder.  They will also record assignments and important items to remember in their agendas!

    During each afternoon recess, a 4th grade teacher will be holding study hall in her room.  I'll send kids to study hall if an assignment is two days late.  However, if your student needs an alternate assignment, extra time, etc., we can work together to support your student. 

    One book report and one poem recitation will be assigned each quarter.  Students will have 6 to 7 weeks to prepare for the completion of the assignments.  I'll be willing to lend my support during WIN time, independent work time, or possibly before or after school.  Again, we can work together to accommodate the assignment(s) for your student as needed.



    Each student will be expected to maintain a binder and bring their binder home daily.  Their binder will contain a homework/communication folder along with dividers separating different subject areas.  If the paper in their binder is colored, that paper should stay in their binder the entire year.  If the paper is white, it can be discarded when it is no longer needed.



    We will be pushing AR this year.  Each quarter students will take the star test to identify their current reading range.  They will set a target point goal and will have a tracking sheet in their binder to track stories read and points earned.