• Schedule


    Items with Strict Times:

    8:05 to 8:25-Outside Optional Recess

    8:25-First Bell

    8:30-Second Bell

    10:00 to 10:10-Snack/Social Break

    11:05 to 11:35-WIN (Small intervention or enrichment groups)

    11:45 to 12:25-Lunch/Recess

    2:10 to 2:25-Afternoon Recess

    2:58-Dismissal for Walkers/Bikers

    3:00-Dismissal for Bus Riders/Parent Pick-Up/Kids Express


    Items with Flexible Times:

    First Academic Focus of the Day: Mathematics

    Second Academic Focus of the Day: ELA (Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing)

    Third Academic Focus of the Day: Social Studies or Science



    Day 1: PE at 8:40

    Day 2: Media at 8:40

    Day 3: Music at 9:15

    Day 4: PE at 8:40

    Day 5: Technolgy at 8:35

    Day 6: Music at 9:15