Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up

    Student Drop-Off

    Classes begin at 8:30am.  Students should not arrive on campus before 8:10am, there is no supervision!  For the safety of all Conley students, we would appreciate your adhering to the following procedures:

    When dropping your child off at school, please do not use the bus loading areas or the West parking lot. There is a designated drop-off area located on the south side of the school, near the main entrance. We ask that the flow of traffic keep moving by pulling forward and dropping your child off near or past the pedestrian crossing. If you wish to help your child carry something to his/her classroom, we ask that you park your car in the designated parking area and use the pedestrian crossing.

    There is no student drop-off in the West staff parking lot near the MPR. This area is designated for our special needs busses. It is not safe for cars to pass these busses while unloading (it is also illegal). If students are going to breakfast, they should be dropped off in front and walk around to the Cafeteria.  Non-breakfast students will not be able to enter campus through this entrance either, so please drop them off in front and have them walk along the back of the school to their playground. 

    Please be courteous to staff and others and do not block the lanes of traffic within the circular drive area. Please watch for children while in the area. Staff members will be on duty during the morning arrival time and afternoon dismissal time for the safety of the children and to keep the traffic moving smoothly.

    We also ask that students exit the vehicle from the passenger side of your vehicle so as to not walk between vehicles to the sidewalk. Parents are also asked to stay in their vehicle while in the Parent Drop-Off lane. If you are parking in the designated parking area, please use the cross walk. These rules are for student safety!

    The Conley campus is a closed campus. We do not allow parents to enter the interior of the school without office approval. This is very important! We need to make sure we know who is on campus at all times. Parents may not enter the interior of the campus before school or while waiting for their child at parent pick up.

    Please do not leave your car unattended,
    at any time, in front of the school.
    Student Pick-Up

    The school day ends at 3:00 p.m. It is requested that you do not pick your child(ren) up from their classroom. Also, please refrain from checking students out after 2:45 p.m. This will eliminate disruption during the last 15 minutes of the school day.

    When picking-up your child, you may park your car in the designated Parking Area. Please use the pedestrian crossing to model safety and wait for your child outside the front gate. For walking students, the Parent Waiting Area is located on the north side of campus. Students may also be picked up by car in the designated pick-up area located west of the pedestrian crossing. Please pull as far forward as possible to make room for others picking up their children and to help with the flow of traffic and stay in your car at all times. We also ask that students enter the vehicle from the passenger side of your vehicle and not walk between vehicles to the driver's side. This rule is for student safety!

    Picking Up Your Child Early
    When checking a child out of school early, you must come to the office first to sign your child out. You will need a photo I.D. for verification purposes. If someone other than the parents are to pick up a child, that person must have a photo I.D. and be listed on your child's emergency card before the child will be permitted to leave the building.

    When driving around school please adhere to this motto:

    Keep Our Kids Well
    Stay Off Your Cell