• Honors Caminos Literarios

    Honors Caminos literarios is a Spanish course designed for Spanish Heritage Speakers.  If Spanish is your first language, but you never perfected it, this is the place for you.
    The curriculum for Honors Caminos literarios is designed to refine, perfect and enhance the native Spanish speaker’s language skills, which includes: speaking, writing, reading and listening.  It emphasizes active communication in Spanish and broadens the students’ understanding of the Hispanic culture.
    The curriculum follows the same grammar and vocabulary concepts as Spanish I, II, and II, but with the benefits of covering it all in one year.


    The goals of Caminos literarios are to:

    1.        gain the ability to understand spoken Spanish,

    2.        gain the ability to speak with accuracy and fluency using appropriate pronunciation and intonation,

    3.        acquire a broader vocabulary base and grasp of structure that enables students to read authentic Spanish text with ease and accuracy and

    4.        gain the skills necessary to express ideas accurately and fluently in writing.

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    Honors Caminos Literarios -2021-2022 syllabus

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