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    "Ability is what you can do; motivation is what you decide to do; but attitude – attitude! – will take you through anything you do."-Dave McGinnis (Former Arizona Cardinals Head Coach)

    "It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you."  -Rachel Dawes to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins

    John Hannah wedding
    Mr. Maag & Spidey  Huskers kc
    Master of Science (1988) & Bachelor of Science (1983) in Education from the University of Nebraska-Kearney UNK
    Waverly (Nebraska) High School, 1979
    About Mr. Maag:
    I have been teaching math at Hamilton since 1998 but started my teaching career in Ten Sleep, Wyoming  upon graduation in December, 1983.
      A Nebraska native, of course I am a huge Cornhusker fan, and love Nebraska football and other sports.  On a good day you may even catch me singing the Nebraska fight song.
      My wife, Becky, retired in 2015 after 31 years of teaching, the majority in first grade at Tarwater Elementary.
      We have raised three great kids together who all graduated from Hamilton. 
      Hannah (2011 graduate of NAU) a teacher, married John Morrey in February 2018 and lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
      Heath (2013 graduate of ASU) is an Instructional Technology Specialist at ASU.
      Jonas (2016 graduate of Western State Colorado University) teaches on-line English.