Rio Salado Community College AP Psychology   ironman 2015
    Mr. Scott Reed
    Mr. Reed is entering his 29th year in Chandler Schools, the last 18 of which have been at Hamilton High.  He received his degree in psychology from Arizona State University, and then went on to to get a master's degree in educational psychology.
    Mr. Reed has taught Introduction to Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Learning and the Brain for a number of schools including Rio Salado, Mesa Community College, and Ashford University.  He also has graded AP essays for the College Board the last twelve years and has attended multiple workshops and conferences in psychology.  Mr. Reed was elected to the Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) board for the American Psychological Association in 2007, and also received their Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010.  He is on a committee working on writing and revising unit plans for the APA's National Standards for Teaching High School Psychology.  Last year he was elected to chair the TOPSS committee for 2016. 
    His children Casey and Courtney are Hamilton grads.  Casey is in coding school in Nashville, and Courtney recently graduated from ASU and is working on her Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Mr. Reed has announced the Hamilton Varsity football games since the school opened, and he is assisted by his wife, Lori, who helps as the spotter in the booth.  Weekends will find Mr. Reed training for his next triathlon, listening to live music, and going to Suns games. 
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    Parent Information:
    Dual Credit for Psychology is done in January, and sign ups for the AP test in February.  I will post more information about the difference as the time approaches. 
    Here is the syllabus that was distributed the first week of school.
    These calendars include all the assessments and assignments that are due in a quarter.  I rarely stray from the assessment dates .
    Second Quarter Calendar- Second quarter dates including the happiness project
    Third Quarter Calendar- Including the personality projects.
    Fourth Quarter Calendar- Includes the individual project. 
    Textbook-  Karen Huffman, Psychology in Action, Ninth Edition. Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons, 2010.
    There is now a newer edition of the textbook, so it is a little more difficult to get to the Student Companion Site of this edition.  The link listed in the textbook will NOT take you to the newest edition.  It is probably best to access from the link below that I will keep updated. Last year quite a few students bought their own copy of the textbook for under two dollars at Amazon.com. 
     Text Book Website - The text book web site has a number of resources for students to use to help master the material.  I recommend the flash cards- which can be done as a vocabulary quiz.  I also highly recommend students take the chapter test on the website shortly before the unit exams for practice and feedback. 
    Amazon.com  Go here to find a review book for under $5.  I would not worry about buying the latest edition.  Many of my friends have written these, so I do not want to give a preference.  The one we have in class is Baron's AP Psychology First Edition.