The Lifeguard Training Course at Hamilton High School is intended to offer an opportunity for students to not only become more proficient swimmers, but also to learn lifesaving techniques as well as First Aid and CPR in an aquatic setting.  Students have an opportunity to become certified in LGT through the American Red Cross by taking this course and successfully completing the required components including skills tests, written tests and proper CPR technique. 


    To be eligible for certification in the Lifeguard Training Course, participants must:

    1.      Be 15 years of age.

    2.      Swim 500 yards continuously, using the front crawl and breaststroke.

    3.      Swim 20 yards, surface dive to a depth of 10 ft. and retrieve a 10-pound object.

    4.      It is highly recommended that each student obtain a Lifeguard Training book and a CPR mask as soon as possible.


    To ensure a hygienic and safe learning environment, all students are required to dress appropriately for class.  This includes:

    1.      Girls must wear a one-piece swimsuit.

    2.      Boys must wear their swimsuit at waist-level.

    *Sun Block, towels and swim goggles are recommended.


    Grading Policy

    Students can receive up to 40 points per week.  All students will have the opportunity to earn an “A” in class.  The students will be graded so that 80% of their grade is based on participation and effort while 20% will be the semester exam.  The teacher will remove points if the student is:

    1.      Tardy.

    2.      Non-Dress.

    3.      Poor or No Participation/Not following directions.

    4.      Poor Attitude, Foul Language, Lack of Attention, or an Unsafe Act.

    5.      Unexcused Absence.

    6.      All pool rules will be recognized and enforced.  No exceptions.

    *There will be NO Make-Ups offered in LGT.


    Students who are restricted from physical activity due to illness or injury must provide a written excuse from the parent/guardian.  Extended restrictions (3 days or longer) will require a doctor’s note.  Tattoos and piercings are not an acceptable excuse for not dressing out or participating.  Students will be required to be on time to class, dress out and participate each and every day of the semester.  Students must be prepared to swim everyday.  Students must also have a positive attitude, demonstrate strong swimming skills, and show a high degree of maturity and responsibility in order to get certified in Lifeguard Training.

    Thank You,
    Coach Reynolds