• Frau Simon
    Herzlich Willkommen  zur Deutschklasse!!  
    Welcome to German class!  You have made a wise choice in taking German for your foreign language credits. Undoubtedly, knowledge of German will greatly enhance your future oppotunities and enrich travel experiences. German is, in fact, the most widely spoken language in Europe and is currently one of the top economies in the world.
    I continually strive to make German a fun, enriching and rewarding class. I consider myself priveledged and honored to teach your sons and daughters about this wonderfully rich language and culture. 

    For upcoming or previous assignments and activities, please refer to my posted homework calender. The calender may be subject to change if it best suits the needs of that class.  My website also contains other useful information and links that will support your child in his or her study of German.  I am  always happy to hear from you for any questions, comments or concerns you have regarding your child's progress in my class and so don't hesitate to contact me. 
    Best regards,   Frau Simon
     480-883-5199  room E215
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