• English 11 Syllabus (Click here to download a printable syllabus)

    English 11

    2014-2015 Course Syllabus and Policies

    Robyn J. Sorrell, Instructor

    Room: C207

    Classroom Phone: 480-883-5093

    School email: sorrell.robyn@cusd80.com

    Alternate email: robynsorrell@hotmail.com

    My Goal

    Welcome to English 11, the required English class for juniors. My goal is to assist you in improving your reading, writing and speaking skills, as well as provide a welcoming and fun environment for learning. 


    Your Goals

    The primary objective in this class is to move you through various elements of American writings and literature, both fiction and non-fiction; and to practice and master various writing genres.  Your primary goals should be:


    þ Respect your classmates/instructor

    þ Be prepared and have work completed when you come to class

    þ Attend class regularly, with little/no tardiness

    þ Follow school rules as outlined in the HHS Student Handbook

    þ Strive to improve your reading and writing skills, taking them a step beyond where you began upon entering class


    Course Outline


    ·         Selections from American Literature McDougal Littell (yellow)

    ·         Selections from Interactive Reader McDougal Littell (yellow)

    ·         The Crucible Arthur Miller

    ·         “Society and Solitude” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    ·         The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald

    ·         A Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry

    ·         “The Call of Cthulhu” H. P. Lovecraft

     This course will contain various “units” of study.  We will attempt to complete the following units in the appropriate time frames.  

     The following will be integrated throughout the year:


    ·         Vocabulary/Grammar

    ·         Technology skills

    ·         Warm-ups/Journals

    ·         SAT and ACT prep/College prep

    ·         Portfolio Management and Semester final preparation

    Ø Various genres of writing (narrative, expository, research, analysis)

    ·         The Writing Process

    Ø Prewrite, rough draft, revision, publish

    ·         6-Trait Rubric Application


    Grading and Evaluation Policies

     Distribution of grades:

    ·         Homework/practice: 30%

    ·         Test/Quiz: 30%

    ·         Writing: 40%

     Semester Grading:

    ·         For both fall and spring semesters, each quarter will be worth 40% of your total semester grade, with the semester final counting as the remaining 20%.

    Late Work

    ·         I am not inclined to accept late work as a rule; however, I do understand variable situational issues. Due to this, I will consider accepting late work on a case-by-case basis. If I choose to accept late work, grades will be assessed as follows:

    o   One day late: 10% reduction of evaluated assignment grade– not the total points the assignment is worth.

    o   2 days late: ½ credit of the evaluated assignment grade

    o   3+ days late – 0 for the assignment.

    ·         Formal writing assignments not submitted to Turnitin.com will not be graded and will be assessed with a 0.


    When you are absent, what you miss most is instruction. I can give you the assignment(s) you missed, but you may not know how to complete the task. It is your responsibility to check the calendar for what you missed the day you were absent, and make up the work (1 extra day for every day you were absent – weekends count). If you don’t, it is lost work and lost points.


    Zeros affect your grade tremendously, and your chances of getting an A are almost non-existent if you are missing work.

    Cheating and Plagiarism:

    Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable! It is a violation of federal law to plagiarize another person’s work. Check out the following website for information.




    First offense: You will receive an F for the assignment and your parents and administration will be notified.  


    Second Offense: You will receive an F for the assignment, and the administration will give you an out-of-school, three-day suspension.


    All students are required to register with the plagiarism service www.turnitin.com.  All papers will be uploaded by the required date, or they will receive a zero.  If you do not have Internet access at home, check with the Career Center or the Library.

    Electronic Devices

    The use of personal electronic devices (e.g., cell phones/music device) is only allowed at teacher discretion for educational/class work purposes.  When/if brought into the classroom, such devices should be off or muted, and put away.  Any device seen or used inappropriately will be confiscated.


    ·         1st offense: You may retrieve your device from me after class.

    ·         2nd offense: You may retrieve your device from me after school.

    ·         3rd offense: You must retrieve your device from security/administration and a referral will be submitted to the grade-level administrator.

    Get Organized: Suggested Materials List

    1.      One, three ring binder (or at least a section for English in your daily binder)

    2.      Paper (college or wide rule is fine – any color is acceptable)
    3.      Spiral notebook for journaling/literary responses
    4.      Pen (any color) and/or #2 pencils
    5.      3 highlighters: Pink, Green, Yellow
    6.      At least one red pen for editing purposes in class
    7.    Retain and file all your work for grade verification, portfolios and studying for finals.


    Tutoring and Personal Discussion

    I am always available for tutoring or assistance, if you’re having difficulties – all you have to do is make an appointment with me. If, for some reason, I am unavailable during the time you need help, you can always go to the Husky Room after school for assistance.


    Syllabus Contract


    This page must be signed and is due on or before Thurs/Friday 7/25-26 (10 points).  If you turn it in by tomorrow (Tuesday, July 22) – you get the 10 points PLUS 10 extra credit points!


    Student Name ________________________________     Period ______

                            (please print clearly)


    This syllabus is a type of contract.  By signing it, you are indicating that you understand the policies, objectives and expectations for 11th Grade English.  The syllabus should be placed in your notebook and retained throughout the course.



    Student Signature                                                                            Date


    Dear Parent or Guardian:


    Communication is an important element for your child’s success in this class. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  The best mode of communication for me is email—I check it daily. My email address and phone number are at the top of the syllabus. I would like to get your email address so that I may contact you if the need arises. 


    Use of video and film.  Throughout the year, I may show pertinent clips and possibly full length, rated PG-13 movies that coincide with the curriculum. Your signature is required for these viewings. If you do not feel comfortable with your child seeing the clip or film, simply write a blurb by your signature and I will find something else for him/her to do during that time.


    I believe every student can learn and your student’s academic success is important to me, therefore I maintain a high level of expectation for all students. If your child’s grade falls below a C it is usually due to incomplete work and/or absences.  The new Infinite Campus provides you with various tools you may use to keep an account of your student’s grade.  I make a diligent effort to input grades on a regular basis and you should have no problem monitoring their progress within the class.


    I enforce the CUSD and HHS policies as presented in the Hamilton High School Handbook; please review it on the school web page.




    Robyn J. Sorrell; MAEd


    I have reviewed this syllabus with my child, and understand the objectives, polices and expectations of the class.



    ________________________________________________________________________    __________           

    Parent Signature and Email address                                                                                Date