• How to Access the Literature Textbook Online


    There may be times when you need to read from the literature textbook at home.  If you have Internet access, it is best for you to do this online.  If you do not have Internet access, and you would like to have a book at home, let me know and I will check one out to you. I caution you, however, these are new books and you will be solely responsible for returning them in perfect condition.


    To access the book online:


    Go to www.classzone.com


    1. Select your subject:  click on “Language Arts” and “High School”
    2. On the map, click on Arizona (AZ).
    3. Click “Go” to find your book


    There will be many options.  You need to choose the yellow literature book called

    McDougal Littell Literature Grade 11


    You will come to a page with a number of helpful links and activities.  Scroll down to where you find the option for “Online Book.”  Click on this link.


    The next screen will have a link to the right that says “Create Student Account”. Click this link and register your online textbook. Follow all directions.


    At this point, you will be asked to supply an access code.  The access code can be obtained directly from the classroom teacher.


    When you sign in as a student and click on the online textbook, there will be a section for the table of contents – choose a story.  The story will appear, however, if you click on the arrows to go to the next page, you may receive a message such as coming soon or the publishing/copyright information.  If you actually type in the following page number, it works perfectly!  For example, if a story begins on page 19, type into the page # box “20,” and the next page will appear.


    Don’t forget to click the Speaker icon – this will read the book aloud – if you prefer that mode of reading.


    Click around – learn your book – and use the tools supplied! This is a wonderful opportunity to have the book at your fingertips for missed homework or research.