• World History and Geography
    Grades 9-12
    Full year, 1 credit

    This course covers world history and geography from early civilization to the present. Critical thinking,

    study  skills,  problem  solving,  teamwork,  and  the  integration  of  all  forms  of  technology  will  be

    encouraged.   This  course  also  includes  historical  interpretation,  primary  source  review,  and  analysis


    Honors World History and Geography

    Grades 9-12
    Full year, 1 credit
    This  course  covers  world  history  and  geography  from  early  civilization  to  the  present.   Students  are
    required  to  read  literary  works  and  other  primary  source  materials  that  relate  to  the  course.   Strong
    writing  and  research  skills  are  necessary  to  be  successful  in  this  class.  Critical  thinking  and  problem
    solving  will  be  encouraged,  along  with  individual  and  group  multi-skill  projects  in  this  challenging

    Honors World Studies

    Grade: 9 only
    Full Year, 2 credits: Honors World History and (Honors) English 9

    This class combines (Honors) World History and (Honors) English 9 to create World Studies where the curriculum from both disciplines will be used to reinforce the other discipline by making connections between history, cultures, and literature. World history and geography covers the time periods from early civilizations to the present. Critical thinking, study skills, problem solving, teamwork, and the integration of all forms of technology will be encouraged so that students see the interconnectedness of the essential questions from both history and English. This course also includes historical interpretation, primary source review, and analysis skills while emphasizing writing skills, literature, and vocabulary. Writing activities give students practice in organizing and developing narrative, cause and effect, and compare and contrast compositions, literary reviews and research papers. Mastery of the writing process is expected to demonstrate student’s ability to critically think about the world. In addition, students study short stories, novels, poetry, and a Shakespearean play. The class meets two periods every day. This course will be taught collaboratively by the English 9 and World History teacher for the benefit of the student learner to see the thematic correlations between history and literature.


    AP World History and Geography
    Grade: 9
    Full Year, 1 Credit
    This course covers world history and geography from early civilization to the present. Students are required to read literary works and other primary source materials that relate to the course. Strong writing and research skills are necessary to be successful in this class. Critical thinking and problem solving will be encouraged, along with individual and group multiskill projects in this challenging course. This course prepares the students to take the AP World History exam.

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    Human Geography is a geographic, spatial and thematic approach to studying the world in which we live in. It is organized into cultural, economic, political, and urban geography. Historical information serves to enhance impacts of globalization, colonialism, and human-environment relationships on places, regions, cultural landscapes and patterns of interaction. Through the use of maps and geospatial technologies, students will think critically, analyze, interpret and apply geographic concepts at various scales. The goal of the course is to promote geoliteracy, engagement in contemporary global issues, global citizenship and multicultural viewpoints. This course will prepare students to take the AP Human Geography exam.

    AP Human Geography

    Grades 10-12

    Prerequisite: Instructor approval
    Full year, 1 elective credit
    Human Geography will introduce students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have
    shaped  human  understanding,  use,  and  alteration  of  Earth's  surface.    Students  will  employ  spatial
    concepts   and   landscape   analysis   to   analyze   human   social   organization   and   its   environmental
    consequences.  They also learn about the methods and tools geographers use in their science and practice.
    Students will study at least one of the following regions in depth:   Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia, and
    Australia.  This course will prepare students to take the AP Human Geography test.
    American/Arizona History
    Grades 11-12
    Full year, 1 credit
    The course will cover American history from the American Revolution, the founding of the United States
    to the present.  Emphasis in the second semester will be the 20th century era, and specifically from World
    War  I  to  the  present.    Students  will  study  U.S.  foreign  policy,  and  the  many  political  and  social
    movements  that  shaped  American  culture.     Problem  solving,  critical  thinking,  writing,  research,
    geographic skills, cooperative learning activities, and the integration of technology are encouraged.

    AP American/Arizona History

    Grades 11-12

    Prerequisite: Instructor recommendation
    Full year, 1 credit
    This is a college level course designed to provide analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal
    critically with the problems and interpretations of American history.  Emphasis will be on discussion of
    key  events  in  our  history  as  seen  by  different  historians.    Students  completing  this  course  will  be
    prepared to take the AP exam.


    Grade 12
    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    The students will develop economic reasoning skills in order to apply basic economic concepts, assess
    problems, and make choices.  Students will also have an opportunity to evaluate the choices of others as
    consumers, workers, and citizens participating in local, national, and global economics.
    Honors We The People
    Grade 12
    Chandler, Hamilton and Perry only
    Prerequisite: Instructor approval
    1 semester, 1/2 elective credit
    This course is for highly motivated students.  A great deal of outside class time is required to prepare for
    competition in the "Congressional Hearing" competition.   Students will be mentored by local lawyers
    and legislators.  The course objectives include state standards and meet the requirements for government
    credit.  It will be offered first semester only.
    US/AZ Government and Constitution
    Grade 12
    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    This civics course consists of a study of the federal and state governments and their constitutions.   The
    purpose is to instill a basic knowledge and appreciation of our representative form of government and its
    development.  It will enable the students to think in terms of the national levels of government, paying
    attention to related current events.  Students will acquire knowledge of the responsibility as a citizen to
    the community, state and nation.   The ultimate goal is to help students realize the significance of our
    American heritage and democracy.
    AP US/AZ Government and Constitution
    Grade 12
    Prerequisite: Instructor recommendation
    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    This course is for highly motivated students who plan to take the AP government exam or who need
    academic  challenge.    The  course  is  a  study  of  the  structures  and  philosophies  of  government,  the
    American political system, civil rights, and public opinion.
    AP Comparative Government and Politics: dependent on enrollment
    Grades 10-12
    Prerequisite: AP Human Geography
    Full year, 1 credit
    *May be offered for Dual Credit
    This advanced placement course is designed to introduce the fundamental tools utilized by political
    scientists to study the processes and outcomes of politics in a variety of country settings. Students will
    understand the major comparative politics and themes and generalizations, gain background knowledge
    of international political systems and governments, and compare and contrast international governments
    and political systems as presented in the course.

    AP Macroeconomics

    Grade 12

    1 semester, 1/2 credit

    In  this  course,  students  will  study  the  principles  of  economics  that  apply  to  the  functions  of  both

    consumers  and  producers  within  the  overall  economics  systems.   It  includes  the  study  of  the  role  of



    Grades 10-12

    Basha, Hamilton and Perry only

    1 semester, 1/2 elective credit

    This  course  provides  the  student  with  an  understanding  of  the  fundamentals  of  psychology  in  the
    following areas: methods, approaches, history of psychology, biological basis of behavior, sensation and
    perception,   states   of   consciousness,   learning,   cognition,   motivation   and   emotion,   developmental
    psychology,  personality  testing  and  individual  differences,  abnormal  psychology,  the  treatment  of
    psychological disorders and social psychology.

    AP Psychology

    Grades 11-12

    Prerequisite: Instructor approval

    Full year, 1 elective credit

    This course will prepare students for the AP exam in psychology.  It covers all the current objectives of

    psychology and experimental psychology with the major focus on areas and objectives prescribed by the

    College Board.


    Criminal Justice:
    Grades: 10-12  Semester Elective Credit

    The class provides an overview of the study of the U.S. Constitution, the state government of Arizona, and political philosophies, nationally and worldwide. Also, this course focuses on the criminal justice system and all of its ramifications: criminality, crime prevention, victim rights, and the court systems, federal and state. Participation in the Chandler Justice Court’s “Teen Court” program is mandatory for students. Participation in the Arizona High School Mock Trial competition is optional.
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