• Tax Credit

    For more information please click here for the Chandler Unified School District Tax Credit Information Page.

    This is a great way that you can now make those tax credit donations to our school. Extracurricular tax credit donating has been made easier! So in order to take advantage of the tax credit break of $200.00 for singles or $400.00 for married couples, you now can charge the donation ONLINE! This will enable you to charge your donation by MasterCard or Visa.


    Every extracurricular tax credit dollar that is designated for our school will be used for our extracurricular activities. Academic excellence is our hallmark at Hancock Elementary. We are devoted to helping all our students advance in their skill levels. Extracurricular tax credit dollars support the following programs:
    • Artist in Residence
    • Art Masterpiece
    • Battle of the Books
    • Cheer Club
    • Field Trips
    • Girls and Boys Basketball
    • Math Clubs
    • Nature Club
    • Reading Clubs
    • Running Club
    • Safety Patrol
    We hope you will consider an extracurricular tax credit donation to Hancock Elementary. Please encourage your friends, neighbors, and relatives who live in Arizona to donate. Thank you to all of the families who have already made tax credit donations to our school!


    As of the posting of this information, Arizona law ARS 43-1089.01 enables taxpayers a tax credit contribution of up to $400.00 per calendar year if filing status is Married, filing Joint Return; $200.00 per calendar year if filing status is Single or Head of Household or filing status is Married filing separate return — for contributions that fund extracurricular activities in public schools. A tax credit is a full refund, not a deduction.