• pencils

    Wish List for Third Grade
    Number 2 pencils
    70 sheet notebooks, high quality paper
    pink pearl erasers
    MUST HAVE:  dry erase markers (set of 4) and eraser
    (old clean sock works fine as eraser!)
    hard individually wrapped candies
    dum dum suckers
    magnet tape or stronger magnets
    Crayola washable markers (8 packs or 10)
    Crayola washable markers...fine tip (8 pack or 10)
     glue, Elmers only please, 4 oz. bottles
    folders without center prongs
       plastic folders with center prongs
    colored xerox paper
    white xerox paper
    Purell hand sanitizer
    glue  sticks
    small and large size Ziploc baggies
    brown lunch bags & paper plates
    electric pencil sharpener
    gift cards to Walmart, Sam's Club, or Lakeshore Learning
    color coding self adhesive labels for file folders and such
    all purpose rectangular white labels, self adhesive
    Kleenex (we go through a bunch!)