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    Notes from Mrs McGrath  -  KGA Health Assistant
    All medications given at school must be prescribed by your child's physician with a written doctor's order. The Consent for Giving Medication at School Form must be returned to school before school personnel will give medication. A parent or legal guardian must sign this form. Non-aspirin and other non-prescription medications will be dispensed to students who have written permission from a parent or guardian to receive medication at school, as needed, for a maximum of three consecutive days. To ensure that use of this medication is not masking symptoms of a serious condition in the student, a doctor's order must be submitted to the school health office for administration beyond this three day period. In order to minimize the possibility of a drug overdose, non-prescribed medications will not be dispensed during the first and last hours of the school day. All medications given two and three times a day are not administered at school unless specifically ordered by the doctor to be given during the school day. All medication is to be brought to the school by the parent or other responsible adult in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy. You may want the pharmacy to label two containers: one for home and one for school.  Forms are available at every school health office.