• Responsibilities 


    C.A.T.S. Placement Agreement

    Student responsibility:

    • Be a prepared learner
    • Attend school regularly
    • Be an enthusiastic participant
    • Work to the best of his/her ability

    Parent responsibility:

    • Attend student-led conferences
    • Communicate with your child
    • Provide transportation for research
    • Encourage regular attendance
    • Cooperate with special requests
    • Provide at home space and time that
        are conducive to learning

    Teacher responsibility:

    • Provide expanded learning opportunities 
        in addition to grade level curriculum
    • Address different learning styles
    • Encourage mastery of curriculum
    • Provide opportunities for students to 
        personalize their learning
    • Guide students in self-assessment
    • Communicate with parents and students


    Student responsibility:

    • Self evaluation
    • Self reflection
    • Student-led conferences

    Teacher responsibility:

    • Grades reflect achievement, effort, 
       and evidence of critical thinking
    • Percentages and rubrics utilized
    • Report cards same as regular class
    • Portfolios reflect student progress
    • Guiding student-led conferences

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Last Modified on February 25, 2015