Reach Higher Initiative, now, Better Make Room

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    Reach Higher[RH] (& Better Make Room) aims to unite college/career bound students with one another, to create connections and build support for each other. Through sharing experiences, resources, lending support and creating mentorship; RH hopes to help students gain and maintain a teamwork ethic, postive attitude, drive and confidence they deserve to achieive their individual success!

    The RH Crew is "here to cheer you on, help you out and connect you to others sharing the journey."


    To be a member of the Reach Higher Club...we don't require too much; you just have to be present and participate! We are a connections, mentorship, and resource support group. We have shifted away from being a volunteer driven group but will still offer plenty of volunteering opportunities for those interested!

    Career Center events are Reach Higher Events! They are opportunities for you to learn and engage in your next steps, through making connections with colleges, networking with career professionals, and learning to take the lead on your post-graduation plan.  Own your future, know that others may be at the same point and experiencing similar challenges, and celebrate the little and big moments. 

    For upperclassmen/women, become a mentor and support one another. Lead by example and follow (learn) with humility and grace.  


    Sponsor:  Mrs. Horn

    President + Co-President:  Adeel C.(10) / Aisha B.(12)

    VP + Co-VP:  Mahir K.(10)/Noah R.(12)

    Secretary + Co-Secretary: Camden King(10)/Lia Felix(10)

    Treasurer + Co-Treasurer: Avalon R.(9)/Kiana A.(12)

    PR/Marketing: Michael C., Glen M., Hayden K. (all 12)



    [Top to bottom, left to right: Hayden K, Dylan A, Michael C, Kyosuke (Kris) N, Glen M, Aidan F, Vincent N, Megan B, Kiana A, Jaden L, Brandon N, Camden K, Jassa CW, Imraan M, Lia F, Aisha B, Hugh T, Mahir K, Avalon R, Mike N, Adeel C, Noah H.  Not pictured: Vaugh T, Sage M, Cole R]

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