Welcome! I am so glad you found my staff webpage! I look forward to teaching your child all the interesting concepts related to the life sciences. Just so that you know your teenager is in good hands, here is a little information about me: I have my B.A. in Biology and Chemistry from the University of San Diego. I then earned my Masters of Secondary Education degree a few years later. This is my 12th year teaching, and so far we have never blown up a lab or brought any dissection specimens back to life...that is a good thing. I truly love teaching and seeing fresh faces every year.  The beginning of the year is always the most important to myself and the students, so please contact me if there is anything I need to know regarding your child specifically, that may help me help them (Imagine that scene from Jerry Maguire..."Help ME, Help YOU!!!").
    This year, all Perry students were given free Google accounts with access to several cool apps. Therefore, in HONORS BIOLOGY we will be using Google Classroom, rather than the staff webpages to post calendars and class materials. Please ask your student for their login and password to access this Honors Biology Classroom. This will allow you to see our calender and all important notes, files, dates, Science Fair deadlines, etc. 

    Logging On

    Users can log on to their accounts at any Google supported Google service (drive.google.com, calendar.google.com, etc.). These services also have default URLs:

    To access this account, your student will first want to go to the Google login page : Google Login Page

    or via

    Drive: drive.gse.cusd80.com


    Default usernames and passwords are as follows: 


    Username: s+id#@gse.cusd80.com (e.g., s123456@gse.cusd80.com)

    Password: s+id#+! (e.g., s123456!)

    Notice that the usernames are exactly the same as the ones they use to log on to the computer, Infinite Campus, etc., with the addition of the @gse.cusd80.com domain.


    Users will be prompted to change their password the first time they log in. Passwords are NOT connected to their Infinite Campus or Microsoft passwords, so it is important that users remember the password they select.

     Google Classroom
    Once logged into their school google account, students can open the Google Classroom from the Google Apps waffle, and join our class using the join code of: 9qxsom2
    If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me using the information listed below. Thank you so much!


    Stephanie Hawkins

    Honors Biology Level Lead

    #480-224-2800 ext. 2979

    Mrs. Hawkins  




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