• What is the difference between dance levels at PHS?

    Beginning is designed for students who have 0-3 years of dance experience. This course will emphasize the techniques of ballet, jazz and modern dance. Students will also begin lessons involving dance history and vocabulary. No audition is required for enrollment. Participation in a dance concert is required during 2nd semester. We STRONGLY recommend that you take this class for the full year. If you are only going to take 1 semester of beginning dance, you should take it first semester. Without the foundation of first semester it is very difficult to be successful second semester.


    Intermediate is designed for students with 3-5 years of dance experience. This class focuses primarily on building technique in ballet, jazz and modern dance styles. Students will continue to expand their knowledge of dance history and vocabulary. They will also begin to study choreography and improvisation. Although a formal audition is not necessary, class placement will be left up to the instructors. All current beginning students will be assessed during class to determine readiness for the Intermediate level. See Audition Dates for further information.

    Advanced comes with more commitment than the lower levels. Some after school rehearsal is required, extra fund-raising is necessary, and all members are expected to perform in various activities held at school. Placement in this class is by audition only, and there is only 1 audition date. Please see Mrs. Sadler's Auditions Page for more details.

    Movéo Dance Company is the highest level and requires the most commitment. Company members perform in various school activities, they travel to different places (Tucson, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, etc.) to take classes from prominent dance professionals, and their expectation to fund-raise is higher. They are also required to attend after school rehearsals and socials/bonding dates. We have plenty of studio dancers on company, but it can be difficult to juggle both at times. We try to be flexible, but sometimes it is necessary to have our company dancers with us instead of at the studio. This is an audition based class only. Auditions are a multi-day process, and require teacher recommendations, a letter of intent, and parent permission. Also, students who are auditioning for company and continue through cuts will be required to perform a piece of original work that they have choreographed themselves. This solo should showcase each dancer's strongest technique and should be a good representation of him/her as a choreographer. Please see Mrs. Sadler's Auditions Page for more details and the audition packet.