• Information to Help with our New Website

    This page is still under construction, but we hope to help you find the appropriate information.
    1) Use the Menus at the top for basic navigation.
    2) Sub menus on section/pages listed on the left hand side.
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    3) Register your email to get up to date information.  After registering, Sign in, and "Access My Info."  Click the "Edit Subscription" button to add the pages you are most interested in (school calendars, teacher pages, PTO, etc...)
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    4) RSS Feeds - Many of the pages and calenders have RSS feeds.  This is a way to have new information sent directly to you.  When websites change or calender events come up this information is sent to your "reader".   If this is new information to you, watch this video for more information:
    rss in plain enlgish