•  Congratulations!

    You are next week's Star of the Week! You will be able to do special things during the week as well as share interesting information about yourself to your classmates. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you better.

    You will get to make a Star Student poster including; baby pictures, family pictures, and any other pictures that are important to you. Make your poster as decorative as can be. We will display your poster for the class on our star student bulletin board all week long. You will get to fill out the Star of the Week questionnaire to help us learn about you. You will find it the link at the bottom of this page.  You also get to help the students learn how to estimate, by filling the Guessing Jar with objects you choose. Please read the back of this page for more directions about the Guessing Jar.

    You will also get to keep Vatrahaki all week!  Please write  in his journal, sharing some adventures that you and Vatrahaki had. Return the journal and Vatrahaki on Friday so we can read what you did!

    Please bring your poster, the questionnaire, Guessing Jar, and Vatrahaki on the following days:

    Monday – You will share your Star Student poster & questionnaire

    Tuesday – Bring a quote about good character or a Habit of Mind

    Wednesday – Practice reading a story and bring to school to read to the class!

    Thursday – Guessing Jar – You will share the Guessing Jar

    Friday –   Mad Science!  You will conduct your pop bottle experiment for the class. (Be sure you experiment at home first and share if you had to make any adjustments.)   You will share the adventures with Vatrahaki that you wrote about in the journal. 

    Optional: Art activity for our class (You can help mom and dad think of a fun art activity and they are welcome to come in and help us with it!  Please have mom and dad email if we will be doing an art activity.)  

    We look forward to getting to know you!

    Miss Kantzos

    Remember:  By writing much, one learns to write well. ~ Robert Southey

     Star Student Guessing Jar