• Dress Code

    The dress code is actively enforced at Santan Junior High School. Throughout the year, teachers will be reviewing appropriate dress with all students. Several dress code issues, which warrant immediate attention, are outlined below; they are prohibited on our campus:

    • tank tops (girls and boys)
    • spaghetti strapped shirts (this includes spaghetti strapped t-shirts/tanks worn under overalls, as well as halter tops)
    • any clothing that bares the midriff or reveals undergarments or cleavage
    • baggy, sagging pants; extremely low-rise pants; pajama bottoms and pajama slippers
    • bandanas or anything worn across the forehead
    • hats
    • shirts or jewelry promoting inappropriate language, sex, drugs, alcohol, gangs or violence
    • belts and/or chains hanging below the waist
    • sheer, see-through blouses and/or shirts; low-revealing shirts/blouses
    • short skirts/shorts including Soffe shorts (4" inseam/not shorter than mid thigh)
    • unnaturally colored hair, distracting hairstyles, mohawks over 1" in length
    • ripped jeans or shorts

    Please review the student agenda for more details.

    Students violating the dress code will be asked to change into appropriate clothing housed in the CARE room, or call a parent to bring a change of clothes. We appreciate your early attention to compliance with these standards of dress.

Last Modified on November 14, 2012