• Grading Policy 
        Grading Policy
            GRADE BREAKDOWN:
             Assessments = 75%
            Classwork = 15%
             Homework = 10%
    NOTE: If your student has a zero for an assignment, that means the assignment is missing and hasn't been turned in. If your student has a zero for an assessment, that means he/she was absent the day of the test/quiz. The zero will remain in the grade book until the student comes in to make it up.
    Assessments: Assessments consist of both formative and summative quizzes and/or tests. Tests will be given at the end of a unit and quizzes will be given throughout the unit to check for understanding and mastery. Students may re-take tests that they fail to earn back credit.
    Classwork: Classwork consists of warm-ups which are completed at the beginning of each class period and closures which are completed at the end of the class period. The purpose of warm-ups is to get the students focused on math, refresh students memories of prior learned concepts, connect prior learned concepts to new learning, and provide opportunities for those struggling with additional practice. The purpose of closures is to summarize/highlight important information from the day's lesson and to assess what the students learned throughout the lesson. Classwork will also consist of daily individual and/or group practice of new material.
    Homework: Homework consists of practice questions from either prior learned concepts or newly learned concepts from the days lesson. It is expected that students complete each homework assignment so that they are prepared with questions for the next day. Homework may also consist of special projects that may be assigned each quarter.