• Top 5 Tips for Success


    1) Ask if you don’t understand something.

    I am here to help you learn. If you are having trouble with something, please let me know so I can help you.


    2) Do all of your assignments and turn them in on time.

    Even a few late and/or missing assignments can affect your grade. By not completing assignments, you are coming to class unprepared with questions and are not receiving the necessary practice to be successful on tests/quizzes.


     3) Take notes and review them nightly.

    Reviewing your notes on a regular basis will help you remember the material better than cramming before tests.


     4) Participate in class.

    Just being present in class does not ensure learning. You must be actively involved!


     5) Don’t miss class unless you have to.

    People who miss fewer classes typically do better than those who are absent more than a couple of times.