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    Homework Expectations 
    First grade homework strives to teach your child responsibility and organization, as well as, the importance of practicing reading. Chandler School District requires first graders to do 10-25 minutes of homework each night. Evening schedules can sometimes be very hectic. However, your child will have one week to complete the required reading and tasks. Homework will be sent home on Friday and should be returned the following Friday.
    The homework requirement every week is to read 15 minutes each evening or a weekly total of 60 minutes. You may include weekend minutes and any time that you spend reading with your child for your total weekly count. At first, you may be doing the majority of reading to your child. By midyear, your child should be reading to you. THE MORE YOUR CHILD READS AT HOME, THE BETTER READER THEY WILL BECOME.
    Each Friday a reading folder will be sent home to help with appropriate reading material for your child. In addition, use any other reading materials at your house that your child is interested in (library books, cereal boxes, magazines, etc.). Please RECORD the number of minutes of reading on the top of the homework sheet, sign or initial the signature line and return it to school. These reading minutes are very important, as they will determine your child's eligibility for an Arizona State Reading Certificate at the end of the year.
    Your child is also asked to study the spelling words on the homework page for their weekly test, and ultimately, to increase the proper usage of spelling in their writing. There will also be math activities included from our adopted math series.
    If you feel that you have extra time and would like to further help you child, please spend time working on the optional activities listed on the homework page.
    Thanks for helping your child become a wonderful reader and thinker! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 
Last Modified on December 18, 2015