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    Welcome to Sixth Grade! 

    Being in sixth grade is lots of fun but also a big responsibility.  You set the tone for the school and are looked up to by many of the younger students.  They often look to you as a role model!  Your planner will be filled out with homework assignments to let you know exactly what you should be working on.  I believe homework is a valuable aid; it helps develop self-discipline, responsibility, and organizational skills.  There is a space on the planner for parent/guardian comments.  I expect you to be prepared for school every day.  Being prepared means having all of your materials, including your mind, ready to go!  It also means being on time with a positive learning attitude.  All homework completed and turned in on time is part of being prepared. 






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    I was born in Germany, lived in the Dakotas, and then moved to Arizona when I was ten!  I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Photography degree from Arizona State University.  My Masters of Education came from the University of Phoenix.  Joining my father, step mother, brother, husband, and various relatives in teaching has been quite the learning adventure - I love it!
    My daughter is a civil engineering graduate of ASU and works for ADOT!  Our family also includes two dogs, five cats, one chicken, and hundreds of goldfish.
    My Student Teacher!  :)
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